Milestones will provide a comforting, yet stimulating, gentleman's lounge atmosphere. In which clients will be able to relax both their body and mind, through a wide range of services. Milestones has established itself as a world-class service provider to which clients can always come to escape the stresses of life, rejuvenate their energies, and enjoy the camaraderie of their colleagues and friends.


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Do you ever think about what truly goes into the hairstyle that properly fits you? To be honest, it’s more than what you think. Some things you and your Barber must take into account when making a decision about your hair is the texture and features of your hair, your career, the products, the time you have to style your hair, and your face shape.

You may admire some of your friend’s cuts and styles or what is trending, but that may not be what’s best for you. If you see the picture of George Clooney, you will understand how one may think their look is fitting but from an outsider’s perspective, it may actually do you a disservice. It is incredible how different ideas or visions can completely transform your image.

No matter if your hair is thin or thick, curly or straight, there’s a style out there that will make you look your best. You will know you found a great Barber when the consultation is thorough which will then make you feel confident in their expertise and opinion.


Is it true that our sense of occasion has been lost over time? Has the casual art of the dress code today taken away our ability to fully represent who we are? Our take is, unless you are known by one name or you have taken your own company public, your dress code is not to be taken lightly. You might think it is okay, but do you really come out on top when you are the most casually dressed man in the room?

When thinking about each detail, make sure to look at your pocket square.  This can enhance your already impeccable suit.  Check out to find unique patterns and colors.

How about your shoes?  When was the last time you got them polished?  Shoes set the tone for your attention to detail.

My challenge to you is to take it upon yourself to be the man who makes an impression, honors the house style, and sets a higher standard.


Do you smell……….Good?

A distinct scent for a man is a must these days. It’s a signature that resonates on everything you wear and lingers in the minds of anyone you run into. You’ll be amazed at the kinds of compliments you will get can get when you improve your natural scent and enhance it with a powerful yet sophisticated cologne.

How to choose the scent

When choosing a fragrance, you need to consider your personal style and image. Start by selecting a few different options and determine your first impressions. You should experience many different options and then start to narrow them down based on your preferences. Make sure they have coffee beans or another form of a fragrance neutralizer. This is because your sense of smell can be easily overwhelmed at the counter and you want to have something to smell in between each cologne. Once you have it narrowed down to your top 2-3, it strictly becomes a choice as they all have peaked interest.


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